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Woman marries a Cow believing it’s her ‘Reincarnated Husband'

Woman marries a Cow believing it’s her ‘Reincarnated Husband

Reincarnation is called conversion to religion and is the rebirth of a person who continues even after physical death, whether it is consciousness, mind, soul, or any other entity in one or more gradual existence.

It should be noted that Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have immense beliefs of rebirth. In Cambodia, there is a recent story about a 74-year-old woman identified as Khim Hang and Cow.

Khim Hang strongly believes that the young calf is a reincarnation of her dead husband. They are happily married now and living together in Cambodia.

Tol Khut her husband died a year ago and it broke Khim's heart. After surviving the massacre from 1975–1979, they went through difficulties in life from thick and thin. Previously, this July, a young calf was born and it started to show similar traits of Tol Khut.

The calf was more affectionate towards them and acted like a 'human'. The calf's action gives Khim the conviction that her husband's soul is present in the young calf's body. At their wedding ceremony, many people were invited to witness one of the strangest exchanges of vows.

However, Khim believes that her husband has been reborn as a young cow, more than 90% of Cambodians are Buddhists and believe in rebirth.

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