'Bahut Kanjoos Hai Rey Tu', Angry thief left the note for the homeowner after he had nothing to steal.

thief left the note for the homeowner
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One can’t say that thievery is an easy profession, it being a crime is another matter altogether. But one has to set a goal, sneak into a house, work secretly to steal worth goods, Take it out without waking people in the house and then without any noise. So if after all these efforts, a thief is unable to find a single ‘stealing worthy’ item in a house, He/she is bound to be disappointed, correct?

The same thing happened to a thief in Indore.

A thief ransacked a house throughout the night in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh. However, his disappointment knew no bounds when he had to leave the house empty-handed. However, he did not leave his presence unknown. He left behind an angry note referring to the homeowner as ‘kanjoos’.
The incident is from Adarsh Nageen Nagar.

Parvesh Soni is a government engineer in Madhya Pradesh. The thief left him a note that read, ‘Bahut kanjoos hai rey tu, khidki todne ki mehnat bhi nahi mili, raat kharab ho gayi (You are a miser, I did not even get a reward for breaking in through the window, my night turned out to be bad)’. 
Wow, imagine being insulted by a thief.

thief left the note for the homeowner

According to TOI, Soni was not at his home at the time of the failed robbery. His house is right next to a judge and joint collector in Adarsh Nageen Nagar.

Soni's servants discovered the thief's note on Thursday morning. The servants alerted the police as soon as they found the note. When police arrived, they found that all the cupboards and closets were forcibly opened. Clothes and other items were left scattered around. The thief left a note in Sonny's diary which was left open on a small coffee table.

Soni is not back from his outstation assignment yet. However, a complaint has been filed on their behalf at Kotwali police station in Shajapur.

The thief's note has been sent to a handwriting expert, meanwhile, police are looking at surveillance camera footage.

It seems like even thieves are facing the consequences of the economic slowdown.

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