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All four accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case killed in encounter - Finally Hyderabad victim family gets justice.

All four accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case killed in encounter.

Rape is actually a violent crime. But is the appropriate response to violence, more violence? What does this say about us as a society when we are celebrating men's gunfire instead of condemning the act?

Recently four accused in the rape and murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad were killed in an encounter at 3:30 am on last Friday.

A few days after the gory incident in which a 26-year-old veterinarian was raped and murdered, four accused in the case died in an early Friday encounter as they "tried to escape from the crime scene."

According to the police, all are between 20 and 24 years old, tried to escape the clasp of police when they were brought to the spot to recreate the scene of that night.

The police had told them to display how they committed the crime and killed Dr. Reddy, But when the criminals tried to escape, they had to open fire. Media reports state that the victim's relatives and friends are happy after hearing the news, and so are the parents of Nirbhaya whose daughter fell victim to a gang of rapists in Delhi in 2012.

All four accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case killed in encounter.


Renuka, the wife of one of the four accused, Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, said the police should take her to the spot where her husband was killed and should kill her as well.

"I was told nothing will happen to my husband and he would come back soon. Now, I don't know what to do. Please take me to the place where my husband was killed and kill me also," she told reporters.

The prime accused, Mohammed Areef's mother was at a loss for words and could only say "my son is gone".

Jollu Ramappa father of Jollu Shiva said his son might have committed the crime but didn't deserve such an end.

"Many people commit rapes and murders. But they were not killed like this. Why they have not meted out such a treatment," Ramappa said.

On social media, people are praising the police for killing the accused. On the other hand, some activists have questioned the work of the police. Providing justice to the victim's family is not the job of the police, but the work of the court.

The country operates on the basis of laws and regulations, if forces try to become a hero to woo crowds, it will bring in chaos. The crowd should not decide the punishment, but the system.

Advocate Vrinda Grover suggested and an FIR should be lodged against the police that their action is not acceptable at all in a civilized society.  Meanwhile, local citizens of Telangana shouted slogans in support of the police.

On 27 November, 26-year-old vet surgeon from Hyderabad Dr. Reddy was allegedly gang-raped and killed by four accused, who are natives of Narayanpet district, at Thondupally toll gate on Outer Ring Road, Shamshabad.

The gang who was driving a lorry abducted her by deflating one of her two-wheeler’s tyres which she parked near the toll gate. At around 9 pm, when she reached the spot to pick up her vehicle, she came to know that the tyre was punctured. At this time, the men approached her saying that they would help fix the tyres. They then forcibly took her to nearby bushes, assaulted, gang-raped and killed her.

After that, they burnt her body in the village of Chatanapalli under the boundary of Shadnagar police station, A few kilometers from the scene where she was murdered.

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