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The girl faced a financial crisis to get her dream job as a train driver in India, congratulating her.

Sahu of Narayanpur village under Balipal block in Balasore district

Women are destined to achieve great things in life. Like men, women are taking place in this competitive world with relative ease.

Mamta Sahu of Narayanpur village under Balipal block in Balasore district became an inspiration for many girls as she has become a loco pilot in South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur Division.

Coming from the economically backward section of the society, Farmer's daughter Mamta always dreamed of doing something extraordinary since childhood. Despite her financial woes, she scored 75% in the Class 10 examination and then she enrolled in Plus Science.

Determined Mamta went to Jharsuguda to do a diploma in engineering. After finishing her course, she moved to Chennai and worked in a private company with a meager salary.

Mamta, who was not satisfied with her private job, continued her struggle and worked hard for her dream. In 2013, success followed her like a shadow, as the woman received an appointment from the South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur Division, for the post of Assistant Depot.

But, she went through an ordeal as people started taunting and demotivating her for her 'male-dominated' job. But these things did not bring Mamta down as she continued to work on her dream.
From an assistant pilot to a freight train, she is now driving a passenger train, Helping millions reach their destination.

In this competitive world where men are fighting gum to achieve greater heights, Women are also advancing themselves in their respective fields. The fact that women's efforts are ignored is sad to see nowadays. Don't forget about Mamta Sahu's success story.

Mamta Sahu's position will definitely inspire girls to take fast and decisive steps to take the right steps in their careers.

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