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Due to pollution, people are buying pure oxygen in Delhi | Pure Oxygen For Rs 299

people are buying pure oxygen in Delhi-NCR.

Due to pollution, people are buying pure oxygen in Delhi-NCR. In fact, oxygen in air quality has reached alarming levels, even making breathing difficult. As such, pure oxygen bars have started opening in the capital. At one time, the price of 15 minutes of oxygen in Saket, Delhi is Rs 299.

You will be surprised to know this, but it is true.

The concept may be new in India, but many countries have oxygen bars for recreational purposes and aromatherapy.

Oxygen is available in seven different types of fragrances in this oxygen bar named 'Oxy Pure'. Oxy Pure is a bar that was opened in May this year by Aryveer Kumar in Saket, Delhi. It provides pure oxygen to visitors for fifteen minutes. You can choose to order your oxygen in 7 different fragrances. Spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and lavender flavors are available.
Oxy Pure's store manager, Bonnie Iringam, has said that the body needs pure oxygen the most in this pollution-filled environment.

The chief of staff stated that they provide oxygen with various fragrances for a period of fifteen minutes. They do this by controlling atmospheric pressure. The customer is given a tube through which they are provided with aromatic oxygen.

Oxygen not only energizes the body but also removes the irritability of the brain. This helps in getting good sleep at night and also improves sleep patterns. The skin glows with pure oxygen, along with it also relieves problems like depression and digestion.

Oxy Pure is located inside Select City Walk Mall in Saket, New Delhi. Oxy Pure offers pure oxygen starting at Rs 299. Prices vary according to the aroma. According to Bonny Irengbam, a second outlet is expected to start at Delhi Airport by December this year.

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