Hindu girl married Pakistani man, now facing issues with her husbands 4 wives and 10 kids.

Hindu girl married Pakistani man, now facing issues

According to a media report that has surfaced on the Internet, Former Indian citizens of Sharjah, who changed her name, religion, and nationality, to marry a Pakistani man 19 years ago, currently facing an identity crisis so that there is a delay in renewing her Pakistani National Identity Card.

The woman, identified as Kajal Rashid Khan, applied to renew her Pakistani ID card on 31 July, but she is still waiting for her new card as Pakistani national officials said that her documents are now being scrutinized for verification purpose, as reported by the Gulf News.

The report states that it usually takes 7-10 days for the identity card to be renewed, but in the case of the woman it is still taking time.

“I have been exchanging e-mails with NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) for the last three months and have already provided them all the extra documents they asked me to submit, but there has been no progress,” Kajal’s husband Mohammad Rasheed Khan was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Now her bank accounts are frozen in Karachi. Kajal, whose current Pakistani ID card is valid until the year 2023, had to apply for the smart ID card, so that she can operate her bank accounts in Pakistan.

“I fail to understand why my wife’s application is on hold as it is just a renewal of the ID card. She already holds valid Pakistani passport and Pakistani citizenship certificate,” Mohammad Rasheed Khan was quoted as saying by the Daily.

Now the woman has a letter from the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai confirming that she has surrendered her Indian passport and was issued in the year 2001 with a Pakistani passport.

Rasheed Khan is 60 years old and an architect by profession. He flew from Karachi to UAE in 1989 and thought of doing business there. Therefore, he had opened a supermarket in Dubai.

He married a Hindu girl Kalpana in Mumbai in 1996 and After this, she changed her name to Kajal and converted to Islam. It should be noted that Rashid also has relatives in India. He has 4 wives including 2 each from India and Pakistan and 10 children.

His first Pakistani wife has 2 sons and a daughter while the second Pakistani wife has 2 daughters and a son. The report states that Rashid and Kajal have 2 children - a son and a daughter. He has an Indian wife living in India with two daughters.

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