The daughter murdered her mother with boyfriend’s help because she did not approve of their relationship

daughter murdered her mother with boyfriend’s help

In the shocking news, a woman allegedly murdered her mother with the help of her lover and then kept the body in the house for 3 days before dumping it at Ramanpet railway station in Telangana. The police confirmed the news on Monday after discovering the dead body.

The accused, identified as Keerthi who lives with her parents in the suburban Hayatnagar area, allegedly murdered her mother Rajita (38 years old) simply because she did not approve of her relationship with a man.

Keerthi's father's name is Srinivas, who works as a truck driver, was on duty for 3 days. After returning home, he inquires about Keerthi's mother Rajita, but he is dissatisfied with her answer After which he registered a missing complaint at Hayatnagar police station.

DCP LB Nagar said “A girl named Keerthi murdered her mother Rajitha to continue her affair with her boyfriend. After killing Rajitha, the body was kept in the residence for three days. When the body started decomposing, Keerthi and her boyfriend dumped the body at Ramannapet railway station and returned from there,”.

“Today we have received information from Ramannapet railway police stating that they have found a body and it is noticed that Rajitha was murdered and her body was dumped there,” he added.

It is suspected that two to three people were also involved in the murder, but this has not been confirmed.

The Hayatnagar police are investigating the case and the facts will be revealed soon” he added.

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