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Real story of Durga Maa with the Scientific and Spiritual significance of Maa Durga.

Real story of Durga Maa with the Scientific and spiritual significance of Maa Durga.

Durga is the goddess of power and justice that brings compassion, peace, and order to chaos, destruction, and conflict in any situation. She appears to us on her tiger, completely serene and composed, wearing a red silk sari and carrying various weapons and equipment in her arms.

For many of us, Durga Puja or Navratri is an excuse to eat, drink and become a Meera. We buy new clothes ourselves, go from pandal to pandal, and forget about our exercise and diet for some heavenly days. But is this all for Durga Puja? Are we aware of the philosophy behind this annual festival? High in devotion to philosophy, knowledge, and self-awareness — if we go deeper.

The word Durga originates from the original word 'Durg' which means fort. Just as a fort stands tall and powerful around high-altitude land and water and forests, and protects the inmates from all kinds of dangers, we see Mother Durga as our "divine guard" from all evil. We feel safe and secure in her divine embrace and feel the energy circulating around us and within us. Divinity has always been seen as a distance from science, worldly logic and facts. But modern science is only beginning to realize that the energy of Maa Durga, which we refer to as Shakti, holds a strong foundation in every aspect of our lives, and is, in fact, the scriptural philosophy behind many relational dynamics – visible and invisible.

The philosophy behind the worship of Maa Durga is not merely an amalgamation of religious rituals. A rational scientist will find many similarities between her story and our real-life aspects. For example, let us look at her weapons. Trishul: A three-headed edged weapon is said to have three qualities made up of humans, namely - Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva – This in itself is a very complex and vast subject. The discus or Sudarshan Chakra is the gift of Lord Vishnu symbolizing the center of creation. Vajra: The gift of Indra means the stability of character, determination and supreme power. The conch is the symbol of the original sound of "creation" - AUM.  The spear represents auspiciousness which is a gift of fire that also symbolizes purity of power. A sword symbolizing intelligence and knowledge, with a complete sense of responsibility and an understanding of right from wrong. The bow and arrow are a combination of potential and the kinetic energy symbolizes all the blocks of energy. The Axe symbolizes the power of Vishwakarma and has power to create as well as destroy. Lotus represents wisdom, “LIBERATION through KNOWLEDGE”. The snake symbolizes consciousness and the masculine energy of Shiva.

When you bring out this life-form of Mother Durga as the trident and sword-wielding warrior, she appears as a destroyer. Her weapons of destruction are the evil forces against which she wants to protect her children. So the philosophy of Maa Durga encompasses all three avatars in one - destroyer, life-giver, and creator.

According to mythological accounts, Ramba was an Asura who pleased Agni Dev with his devotion and received a boon that a son would be born to him who could not be killed by any deity or man or animal. This son's name was Mahishasura and he grew up to be a powerful warrior. When he heard of the boon, it made him incredibly despicable and ruthless, and he turned around to defeat all kinds of men and demi-gods and expand his own kingdom this cold-blooded massacre and destruction soon alarmed the gods, and they moved to a boon and planned an effective counter without molesting Mahishasura with a boon. This was resolved by the gods themselves, who took advantage of the syntax of the boon. God, man, and animal were mentioned in the boon, but there was no mention of "woman". So the gods put their powers together and made Maa Durga - who will fight for the forces of good and conquer evil.  With all the boons and weapons that the gods could bestow, Maa Durga took the EVIL represented by Mahishasura. After a long and brutal fight, she finally ended Mahishasura's cursed life. The story is a fable, but the philosophy it outlines is deeply cerebral. Every force of evil in this world will be balanced with equal strength. Whenever evil progresses beyond a certain level, the forces of good come together to destroy evil and restore the balance of this world.

Real story of Durga Maa with the Scientific and spiritual significance of Maa Durga.

Goddess Durga is considered a symbol of Shakti (energy) which is the GOOD that can conquer EVIL. With all revaluation, there is a rich vein of philosophical foundations in our scriptures on which to lead our lives well and to gradually make a rich effort for self-realization and then merging with DIVINE GOOD. Ultimately, it is the charity of the Mother that encompasses the entire Universe.

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