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How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host.

How to Make Money as an Airbnb Host.

Becoming an Airbnb host is very simple, you just need to have extra space that you can share with a guest. It’s free to sign up and create a listing, and the only fee you usually pay is a 3% host service fee when a guest checks in.

When listing your space/apartment/home on Airbnb, they have three types of listings that you can create.

Listing Shared rooms Vs Private rooms Or Apartment.

Shared rooms - Guests share the entire space with you or others and do not have a private room to themselves.
Private rooms - Guests share some common areas with you, such as the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, but have their own private room to sleep in.
Entire homes/apartments - Guests stay in the entire unit and do not have to share the space with you or anyone else.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a new accommodation option for travelers — and a new way to earn extra money if you have some free space in your home.

The site acts as an online community that connects travelers and hosts. Members can rent their apartments, or even just an extra bed, to other members on a short-term basis. Airbnb handles all the money and makes a small cut at both ends of the transaction.

The company started in San Francisco when roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gabia could not afford their scaffolding. They converted it into a luxurious bed and breakfast to take advantage of their high-rent location.
With the design conference coming to town, the hotel space was limited. So they put three air mattresses in their loft, designed a simple website with pictures of the space, and listed each airbed for $80 per night, Including a free home-cooked breakfast.

They landed their first three guests that weekend, and the idea took off. They soon launched Airbed & Breakfast and later renamed it Airbnb.

Create your listing

Airbnb will walk you through the process of setting up your listing. This should be relatively easy.

Putting your extra square footage to work is very easy. First, Sign up with Airbnb

To set your free listing, write a description of your location and upload some great photos. Specify the dates you will be available to travelers. (You don’t have to be open every day of the year.)

Tell potential guests where you are

A short light rail ride from the city's largest convention center, next to a forested area with prime hiking trails, near a trendy restaurant.
Is your place pet-friendly? Do you have an exercise room, well-equipped kitchen, luxury bed, Wi-Fi, washer and dryer, covered parking, video gaming system or a fitted yard with play equipment for young visitors? These types of details make your list stand out.

Good photos are important

If you know someone who has a good wide-angle lens or can hire a professional to take some good pictures, it would be worth it.
Here are some examples of photos that I took to our house with a good camera and a wide-angle lens to give you an idea.

Get verified

Another important thing is to verify and make sure that you have good pictures of yourself on your profile. Having a good photo will make people believe that you are a real person and not some faceless online avatar or Axe murderer. Getting verified by Airbnb will give the guest peace of mind that you’ve been checked out and confirmed to be who you say you are.

To verify by Airbnb you will usually have to provide a government-issued photo ID, any type of online ID (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), link your mobile number, and Answer some questions that only you will know the answer to. You may also be asked to take a selfie during the process and your photo will be compared to your ID photo.

Set a price

You can set whatever price you want for your space listing, and charge different rates for weekends or different seasons.

How much can you make Hosting on Airbnb?

It actually varies on various factors, including:
  • What kind of space are you listing?
  • Where is your house located and how is it in demand?
  • How much space you’re offering (Entire home or single room or shared room).
  • How professional is your list?

If I price out what I could get for a private room in our home, Airbnb gives estimated earnings of $500 per week or about $70 per night.
If we list the entire house for 5 guests, it will come to around $ 1,312 per week.
A study conducted on found that on average, in cities they visited, Airbnb hosts can expect to pay 81% of their mortgage by listing a room in Airbnb's two-bedroom home.

Learn how to host

Airbnb has tools to help you feel comfortable and confident about welcoming guests to your home. You can find hosting tips on the Airbnb blog, and At the community center, you will find experienced Airbnb hosts who have answers to your questions.

Good hosts get good reviews and more bookings

Think like a traveler - What would you want at a minimum? and what would WOW you?
Be friendly and responsive with guests, Keep the space clean and Personal touches.

Give your guests a great experience, and they’ll give you a great review. 

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